Day after day..

Day after day i look at the people around me and i can see that not many of them know what they are doing. Every day they get up and go to work, never looking for other ways to start their day. Its like nobody cares any more about the meaning of the word life. So many people are in so much pain and are so angry that they can’t see past their own door. What i see know is not life, nobody should live their days thinking they don’t matter. Allowing everything around them to choose what they can and cannot do. Life is meant to be free and do the things that make u feel happy, who made the rules that we have to be like this. Who made rules anyways? everyone is born with a right and a wrong idea on how they should live. Everyone makes a choice in then  end on what they did that day, even if they tell themselves that they didn’t. Just get up and look at yourself and ask this question are you happy? Then choice for yourself what you should do next, is a large world out there and there are no ropes holding u back but your own that you made.


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