( Fun and Games)

April fools is just around the corner and am very sure lots of fools we’ll be playing around. Know why would i write about this? There could be lots of different reasons. Maybe my teacher told me to do it, maybe i am one of the fools? or could it just be for fun? Well they’re all very much true. I Love messing with people it’s like my fun time for the day. There are lots of different pranks or things i can say to get a good laugh!

download (3)

Though pranks can go too far, not everything people do is smart or safe. That’s why i say thank befor you do. If you have an idea for a public joke, then check it out. Go online and see if anyone else has done it yet, and if it went well or bad. Check laws in that area to make sure you don’t break them. Because wants the point of having a laugh if it’s only going to last 5 minutes befor you get in deep crap with a cop or a stranger.


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