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wells it’s about that time again, prom is here. So many different kids are getting ready for this. For me this could very well be my last. Though i am in a new town, far far away from my friends. I am going to go for only three reasons. (1)  The theme is a well known idea called ( SteamPunk), i myself love the time it’s set in. (2) I have a few new friends that we’ll be going, so i well not be bored and all by myself. (3) They have food and i really have nothing to do that night( like i said new town i have no social stats here).

There are many different forms of steampunk, so it was hard for  me to come up with a simple idea for a suit. In the end i came up with something rather simple for the dance. Since its in a time of wealth and a large scale age of the middle class.

download (2).jpg

I went with a simple approach of a nice old suit with a old time coat and golden pens to go inside it. I should not feel out of place because i am one of the few who worked on the set up of prom. It keep me busy while i got used to everything here. The night should be nothing less than a ball.


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