Life is meant to be scary..

There’s a new movie coming out called LIGHTS OUT. It’s a scary movie about a young boy who is being haunted by the evil ghost of a girl who can not go into sun, or any light for that matter. So she uses her power of the dark to kill and scare the boys family and friends.


This made me think about all the new scary movies that are coming out. To be honest with you, i thank whoever is making them has out done themselves this time. Such has the new FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S movie. Which is about a little kids pizza fun place for parties that’s haunted by the ghost of kids who have died there. At night while everyone is gone but the guy who watches the cameras. The robots of Freddys fazbears comes o life and try to find anyone inside the party place. Forcing the night guard to find a way to stay alive.

images (2)

I can’t wait for any of them to come out.


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