So i’ve been working on a new cosplay from a game called monster hunter.( Monster Hunter, is a free realm rpg style game where you hunt dragons, dinos and lots of different monsters. This game is very hard you have to think that every monster is a boss no matter what. But the longer you play and the better you get helps. New armor and weapons will make killing very easy, but there are still a few monsters that will always be a nightmare to take down.)

images (1)

Know my cosplay is based around the red dragon class. So pretty much any thing with claws, fire and thats red. The suits main designs can be different in style. But most look alike in color and the materials used to make them. Materials such as ( dragon claws and skin, silver metal, black scales and claws, dragons fire and leather.) But that’s in the game here i used cloth and carving foam to make the suit and it’s held together by glue and tacks . The final design of the suit well look something like this.



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