Aokigahara Forest

So this weekend i watched a movie called the forest and it is based on a real place. Which i thank is like super cool. The Aokigahara Forest is a very large forest in japan which 1000 and i mean 1000 of people have gone to kill themselves. The place is so large and thick is nicknamed the sea of trees, all so its called the suicide forest but oh well. They have a daily walk in so bodys can be found. There are even  signs posted saying your life matters. some people leave color tape for you to follow so you can find there bodys. But there are rules to this place. There has been so much anger and unwanted deaths that it’s one of the top 10 haunted places in the world, it ranks number four. Like reply bro it’s scary. So know about the rules i told you about. Like  here i’ll make a list

  1. stay on the path( this is because it’s believed if you walk of the path and wander into the forest you’ll get lost. And nobody well ever find you).
  2. Don’t believe what you see( even though it’s a good 70% chance you’ll find a dead body still don’t believe what you see, people say the forest will make you see things and force you to end your life to get away from your fears ).
  3. Don’t stay after dark ( like really bro just dont if you want to live).

    The three rules to follow nobody really understands it but if you go in you well see some really messed up crap it happens just have people with you and be ready for anything,.



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